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Global Business Funding, Inc. scammed me out of $5000.00 for a bogus business plan.

I have gotten no resolution from customer service concerning my issues and when I asked the Director of Customer Service, RON FRANKS, about some discrepancies, he is confrontational and rude. He refuses to listen to my complaint and has actually hung up on me.

The "business plan on steroids" as it was sold to me was to be 100+ pages but the final draft was only 36 pages and was obviously just thrown together without using the 40 pages of information I sent concerning a business plan.

When I asked, RON FRANKS, about this he sarcastically said, "I will go down there and punch Christine in the face."

Christine was the person who worked on my "business plan on steroids".

He is an unprofessional CAD and needs to be dealt with harshly.

GBF is a scam.

Review about: Business Plan.



You deserve to be scammed.What *** pays five grand for a business plan and for what.

Even attorneys don't charge that for a reg d ppm.

You are a fool you deserve it for having dreams of grandeur.Stick to being a cubicle employees and not a CEO.


Would like people to know that this is NOT the same company as Global Business Funding Group, Inc., Princeton, NJ, which is a totally legitimate firm that provides capital raise services to select emerging and middle market companies.


Very professional on all sides.




Your a fraud I want my money back!!!!


This is absolute rubbish these assertions regarding a class action suit brought against Global Business Funding.Most likely this is the work of my friend Mr.

Yoeddie whose business is one of the few that failed to receive funding. And it was quite unfortunate but Mr.

Yoeddie refused to follow our recommendations.:zzz

Mount Enterprise, Texas, United States #198552

There has been a class action suit filed in the State of Nevada within the last two weeks and I advise anyone who feels they have been a victim of them to inquire immediately.


Ron Franks is a disgusting example of a human being and in the end will suffer the consequences of his unethical and immoral behavior.


Yes I have a big d i k for you Yo. :p


Hey Terri, and too think that you blew me because you actually thought you were going to get a grant :eek


And Mr. Yoeddie, you are so linkedin, aren't you? :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p


Oh, and Mr. Yoeddie, try *** i n g with me and my company again you silly little b i t c h :grin


Hey Edward C. Vaks, "Suck my c o c k"


Global Business Funding is a scam.Do not give them your money.

Ron Frands is doing good and driving a beautiful grey Mercedes.

Does anyone have a current address for Ron?Contact Nevada Attorney General and BBB.


Oh by the way have you seen a copy of your business rating from the BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU it is a NR with 50 + complaints. Your a fraud I want my money back!!!!


Cool I found this, yes RON FRANKS, this is where it has gone!!! Your company is a lie and you are going to go to jail. I hope to see you, RON FRANKS, and KEITH TAKESHI, JAMIE SIEBOLD, PARKER WAHLMAN, and the rest of your crew in court.


You started this my friend, Mr. Yoeddie.

You started your internet campaign against me and my company and this is where is has gone. :x :sigh :p 8) ;) :eek ;) :grin :cry :? :) :roll :upset :zzz :sigh :p 8) ;) :grin :) :roll :eek :upset :zzz :sigh :x :( :cry :?


Let me say that again.

***YOU :zzz


*** Y O U Edward C. Vaks



Hey Robert,

Do you have a *** *** for me?


Dravosburg, Pennsylvania, United States #87574

:cry :cry

Dravosburg, Pennsylvania, United States #87573



I was also ripped off by gb funding for 2500.This is illegal and have called and addressed this with the Nevada authorities.

I am following up on this weekly.

I want these people to pay for ripping people off.Call the authorities in Nevada and voice your concern.


Looky here yo eddie. We found each other again.


What yo eddie needs is one my hoes bopping up and down between his legs.

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